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From the American Dental Association

Here's an interesting new website ( and new dental web app (Dental Symptom Checker) brought to you by the folks at the American Dental Association (ADA). (brought to you by the American Dental Association)The ADA's Dental Symptom Checker allows you to input your specific dental symptoms into a simple, step-by-step chart that will give you helpful information (plus related dental terminology) that might lead you to further research, or it might just help you describe your situation a little bit better to Dr. Drouin.

Also, check out the tabs across the top of the new website,  "Pregnancy", "Babies and Kids", "Teens", "Adults Under 40", "Adults 40-60", and  "Adults Over 60".  Each tab provides you with even more age-specific concerns, tips, and information on topics ranging from the early years (baby's bottles to braces) on into the later ones (dentures to dental care after retirement).  The website is all laid out pretty simply so that you can be in, find what you need, and out in about five minutes.

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