Quality + Comfort + Information


We didn’t just make up this equation because we think it sounds good.  Here’s what it means to us:

QUALITY — We care about doing quality work, and we’re going to take the time to do things right. Sometimes procedures can be done in a snap, but sometimes dentistry can be more complex and requires more time. We don’t cut corners, and if a procedure takes a little longer, we’ll explain why. But you can know that in the end it’s going to be done right. It’s an approach that didn’t just start with Dr. Drouin.

Over ten years ago when Dr. Drouin took over the practice from her father, Dr. Carson Kendall, DDS, she chose to include “Kendall” in her business name in order to link herself to how he practiced dentistry. He was a carpenter first, and probably because of that, he always said that the most important part of dentistry was to build things right. Over the years Dr. Drouin has come to even further recognize that same “measure twice” approach in her own work.

COMFORT — We know that for some people going to the dentist is one of the worst things in the world. You’d rather get a speeding ticket or food poisoning than go to the dentist. We know who you are (even if you don’t tell us). But you know what? It’s OK. In these situations, we don’t have any set approach. We just work with you—individually—because everybody’s a little bit different. And we’ve had a lot of success taking it one patient at a time like that.

INFORMATION — Finally, we believe that information equals trust. And while general information is helpful, most people want specific answers and options from their dentist. How do we bring these things to you? It’s easy, we listen. Then, we explain ALL of your options.  And if it's necessary, we listen and explain some more. Because when you walk out of our office, we want you to feel like you chose the best option (instead of just agreeing to the only option). Trust is important to us, and it makes for some long and enjoyable relationships...    


Meet Dr. Drouin

Dr. Amy Drouin, DMD

Dr. Drouin graduated in the top of her class from Oregon Health & Science University and has practiced dentistry for over ten years, but she was a registered nurse for almost 15 years before that, spending most of her time working in hospital intensive care units. "It's funny how similar dentistry is to the ICU. When you do things the right way, and treat people the right way, then things usually come out right way.  Whether it's a filling on your front tooth, or open heart surgery, the same simple rules apply."

That’s why she performs such thorough examinations, and why she’s comfortable with complex medical histories, involving all the organ systems and disease processes. In fact, her interest in organ systems led her into the dental treatment of sleep disorders. "I really like helping people keep their smiles," Dr. Drouin will tell you, "but hearing my sleep apnea patients tell me about how getting a full night's sleep has changed their lives makes me feel like I've still got one foot back in the medical field. It's really the best of both worlds for me." 

Dr. Drouin is married with two kids who are involved in lots of sports, which means going to games and tournaments pretty much year-round.  But she wouldn’t have it any other way.  She also loves to bake, and is always on the lookout for a new recipe...

Dr. Amy Drouin Headshot copy.jpg

Meet Our Team

Sure, they’re experienced. Sure, they're well-trained and very thorough. Klamath Falls has a great dental hygiene school, so all the local offices have that. But where our team (including our dentist) really stands out is that they’re super friendly and down-to-earth. They like to laugh. They play all different kinds of music on the radio (and take requests). Remember the line from that old Commodores song, “easy like Sunday morning.” That’s our team.

Brandi Buchan Headshot

Brandi Buchan
Brandy has worked with us for almost ten years.  She graduated from OIT and likes camping and hiking and crafts.  She’s married with two fantastic children, a beautiful new granddaughter, two dogs, two cats, four chickens, and a duck (which keeps the rest of them all in line).

Meagan Liptak Headshot

 Meagan Liptak
Megan has worked with us for a year now.  She grew up in Yreka, and also graduated from OIT.  Her husband is active duty in the Air Force.  Everyone loves to play with their dog, the adorable and rambunctious, Mr. Kimchi.

Shannon Cunningham Headshot

Shannon Cunningham
Dental Assistant
Shannon has worked with us for six years.  She is the happily married mother of two wonderful boys and grandmother of two beautiful little girls.  She loves spending time outdoors with her family, enjoying hiking, camping and kayaking.

Ashley Reif Headshot

Ashley Reif
Dental Assistant
Ashley has worked with us for two years.  She and her husband moved to Klamath Falls two years ago, and they have an awesome little one year-old son, Cayden, who’s growing up fast. Their family enjoys hiking with their dog, Gunner.

Deena Pinner Headshot

Deena Pinner
Front Office
Please join us in welcoming our newest member!  Born and raised in Klamath, Deena has worked in the dental industry for over 10 years.  Married for over 20 years with two fantastic grown daughters, she loves hunting and fishing and camping with her family.



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