Friends, neighbors, and patients too

We're not just dental professionals, we're also friends and neighbors and patients too.

And because we're patients, we know what we want from our own medical providers.  We want the best care, but we also want to feel like we're part of something at our providers' offices. When we walk through their front doors, we want to feel like the opening song on Cheers.  Younger millennials might have to look it up, but the lines to the opening song from the 1980's sitcom went, 

You want to go where people know

That people are all the same.

You want to go

Where everybody knows your name.

That's what we (as patients) want, and that's what we try to create in our office.  Because think about it, it makes a Monday morning a whole lot better if--just like Sam and Carla and Woody in the sitcom--you get to go to work and see your friends and neighbors.

Mike DrouinComment