Our Videos

Welcome to our video page! Over the years we've had cause to make some short videos for various reasons. Our videos are not the standard "join us on a tour of our office" videos. Each has its own flavor and will show you some of our flavor.

The first two videos were put together as our tribute to the Civil War game between the Ducks and Beavers back in 2013. As of the last count, Ducks fans had out-liked Beavers fans by a pretty wide margin (but it's not too late for Believers to change that).

The baby hand moldings video is something we put together for our booth at the SMART Superhero Carnival at Mike's Fieldhouse in 2017. We really like getting to see our patients' new babies and making something so unique and individual for each of them. We get the best results on little ones between the ages of 3-12 months. If you're one of our patients, and you'd like a keepsake for a new baby in your family, come on in and talk to Deena at the front desk. We're looking forward to it...


Duck's Day at the dentist


beaver believes in the dentist

baby hand moldings



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